The dusty old box

This is not my normal ‘type’ of posting but I think that sometimes we all need a few encouraging words… I have found some inspiration over the last few months from my friend Adrian over at Garnished has given many encouraging words and some very insightful posts.

I have been thinking so much lately. A lot about myself and at what point I became lost in the last year. I have been going through many changes since this year started and slowly but surly I am morphing into the person that I know I can become. Having a new baby really throws your life off-balance.  Talk about in identity crisis… I am positive that next to becoming a ‘wife’ becoming a ‘mother’ can really throw you for a loop. It is not a job that you can ever prepare for. To start to get some sort if identity back I have started setting goals for myself. My BIG goal this week was to tackle my closet… I have had unpacked boxes of clothes sitting in the corner of my bedroom since I moved into my new place.. that was over 4 months ago. I think that we all have ‘boxes’ in our lives that we put at the back of our attics, minds, and hearts.

I finally started cracking mine open and I realized that… I have some amazing clothes! I had forgotten about most of them and was making do with the normal ‘mom’ outfit that included yoga pants, flip-flops, and a tank top {and a hat on days I really wasn’t feeling up to doing things} Yes, sadly that was my day to day wear- believe me, I am embarrassed. As a person that believes I have relatively good taste this was literally the bottom of the barrel for me. I honestly think that by avoiding the big brown boxes in the corner of my bedroom is a huge reason why I have been in a funk since January. For me waking up and staying in what most would consider pajamas was comforting.. but after a week it just becomes depressing. Not unpacking was my way of wallowing and not facing my reality. It was my way of not having to try– which is so out of character for me! So I cracked open those dusty cardboard boxes and I pressed, hung, and mended all of those amazing pieces that I own. I organized them by color and season, I gathered all of my jewelry together, and I paired up all of my shoes. I made the commitment to wear my amazing clothes, the ones that I invested so much money into… and I can happily say that every single day this week I have felt amazing. I have my confidence and creativity back! Even more importantly I feel ready to crack open all of those other boxes in my ‘life’ and start the sorting process!

Sometimes it is as simple as opening the dusty box that is full of the things you don’t want to face… and well, facing them.


About sayyesevents

I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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One Response to The dusty old box

  1. adrian says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out amanda! Good for you, for realizing just something so small can make a bigger impact on your life. Even something in the physical world….. a lot of times has much more meaning in the mental and emotional world. Best of luck!

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