{#10} Creative Ideas

Kicking off my {top 10} reasons to hire a Wedding and Event Coordinator is…

Creative Ideas– Wedding and Event Coordinators are brimming at the rim with creative ideas!

Wedding and Event Coordinators know the business in and out. They know where the deals are, what is worth your time and money, and what is realistic given your time frame. Your wedding planner should be able to meet with you, get a good feeling of who you & your fiancée’ are, and concept some ideas that fit your personality. It is important to hire an event planner with whom you communicate well with. You should feel comfortable laying out your ideas and the coordinator should know right away how and where to find what you want.

A great wedding planner should be able to guide your tastes and narrow down your list to the do-able items. Pinterest is an amazing resource but can also be a time and money trap. Many brides use Pinterest for ideas but they have no idea how to start creating what they see. Most images on Pinterest are staged, meaning they are ‘Mock-up Tables.’ The designer most likely teamed up with rental companies, local artists, and did a little DIY on their own. A wedding planner should be able to look at your ‘inspiration boards’ and tell you right away what items will run you, what was made by hand, and what will and will not fit in your budget {think minimum orders, shipping/delivery, sourcing product from more then one place because there is not enough in stock} Coordinators will know most of these bumps and can tackle the details and present you with the options that fit your needs and budget, without any stress to you!


{photo: Cara Robbins}

This photo is from a wedding that I did last September. Originally, the bride wanted milk glass but in the last 2 years milk glass has become a hot selling item and ranges from $6-$15 per vase! Not to mention, you have to comb the antique and thrift stores to find it. No biggie if that is what your heart desires, but when you have 20 tables and 3 vases per table you are looking at spending about $700-$900 just on vases. A more realistic approach is renting vases from a local vintage rental company. We went with small bud vases and clustered them to create the feeling of centerpieces. The florist filled the vases with the largest, most delicate dahlias, I have ever seen! They were gorgeous and looked amazing standing alone. We wanted to have some candlelight on the tables since this was an evening reception so we hand made lace votive holders. We were inspired by the ever creative Martha Stewart. We made about 70 and it took about 25 hours from start to finish. We hand cut all of the lace, sewed each votive holder, blew up balloons and stiffened the lace with fabric stiffener. The result was a beautiful and delicate votive holder that created a very pretty pattern on the table during the evening reception. By getting creative we were able to re-budget some of the money but still make a big statement with choices that we made. We had large arrangements made for the head table and added fresh flowers to the wedding cake.

details4{photo: Cara Robbins}

Overall, we were able to take the Bride’s inspiration photos and re-work them in creative and do-able ways. We saved money by renting bud vases and used high quality flowers to create the centerpieces. Our tables complimented the main backdrop which was the Port Gamble waterfront.

My next post will hit on budgeting and saving money {in terms of vendors} I will create a mock-up budget that has some industry wide price standards, so be sure to check back soon!



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