My Birthday {wish} List

My birthday is this week and a combination of new spring colors and the need for some dreamy thoughts have prompted me to start collecting some of my favorite finds. I decided to create my {wish} list. I may purchase some of these items… and some of them I will just go to bed and dream about 😉

I am in love with these gemstone magnets, I live by the rule that no space should be left bare from design… fridges and bathtubs included. And honestly, at $36 that is a steal for some color in an unexpected place!

I came across these drops that you add to cocktails for an extra flavor boost and it just so happens that this flavor {french lavender, elderberry & ginger} was created to be paired with… Champagne! My life may never be the same… when does 5:00 start? This girl loves champagne!

gift guide, birthday, wish list

1. Magnets 2. Flavor Drops 3. Champagne  4. Desk Accessory 5. Nail Polish 6. Shoulder Bag 7. Silk Boyshirt 8. Pencil Skirt 9. Sandals

So when I mentioned the ‘dreaming’ that may be happening… well, it is for this piece– a bronze bowl shaped like a crown. I would love to have this beauty sitting on my desk holding all of my fasteners– thumbtacks, rubber bands, paper clips. Who wouldn’t want to spend $300 on a bowl and fill it with random office supplies?? {I would}

My last few {wish} list items include my ‘Dreaming of Spring’ outfit! I live in Seattle and we have been lucky to have some sunny days recently and I can not get the idea of fresh flowers, bright colors, and warm rays out of my mind! I wanted to collect some items that brought that feeling to life. I love this Alexander Wang champagne shoulder bag, pair it with a bright red nail and you can’t go wrong! I came across this pencil skirt designed by Josh Goot and the colors are amazing! I also think that the shape of the pattern would be very flattering.

Finally, I love the look, feel, and fit of Madewell shirts. They have mastered the design of the boyfriend shirts so well and in so many different fabrics that you can literally dress it up or down! I love the gemstone color and I could see it being worn with a pencil skirt or a cute pair of jeans and still look fantastic! Add some studded sandals from Zara and you have a fresh spring look!

I think on my budget I can probably splurge on the magnets and nail polish… {okay, and maybe the sandals} but a girl can dream right!? Plus, I have 20+ish candles to blow out so one of my wishes is bound to come true…




About sayyesevents

I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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