{design} from down under

As you all know, I have been blogging almost daily and in my search for material I have discovered this amazing bit of insider knowledge that I want to share with the world… the Australians have top-notch design! I say this because I never realized how creative the country down under is. I always picked up my usual UK Elle Decor, Italian Vogue, and various other European magazines but always glanced past the Aussie magazines. Huge mistake. I have been connecting with people through instagram and pinterest and I have discovered this amazing world of color, quality, and creativity from a country that seems so far away!

I have this {small} obsession with birds. A few weeks ago I did a post that centered around the flamingo, you can check it out here. And a while back I purchased a set of vintage bird plates that you can read about here.

So, it is not surprise that when I saw these pillows I fell in love! The layers of colors, print and texture are fabulous.


Pillows // $180 each

I love the bird in the bottom right that has the visible chevron pattern.


What makes these pillows even better is the story behind the creation of this collaboration { and I am always a sucker for a romance story} The artists of these colorful designs met while on location and decided to mix their mediums together {the birds and the colorful paintings} and sell to the home goods market. While working together, almost daily they became close and fell in love. I could never imagine working with a significant other and coming out sane with a beautiful product in the end. I give them mad props. These pillows just created the trifecta of ‘ultimate coolness.’

I wanted to check out their individual work and I am still in awe at their ability to use color so well and the scale is amazing. I love love love large-scale pieces. Anything over 3 feet is a win for me!

Rowena-Martinich-Art-Melbourne01-700x550Here is Geoffrey Carran’s work- I love the blue one in the top center. It looks like the bird is blushing.


I hope this added some brightness to your day and a little smile to your face.



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