{pops} of neon in the home!

As promised, I wanted to do a follow-up post about adding pops of neon yellow to the home… for the very daring people out there!

{Yes, I am talking to you. You can be daring, too!}

Neon in the Bedroom

Normally, there is something about white floors, white bedding, and white walls that sends me into a state of anxiety. I do not usually like an all white pallet but this room has the traditional Kilim rug and the pops of yellow… not to mention the open door onto the balcony. I think those elements ease the stark quality that an all white room can create.

Pops of neon yellow!

I love the unexpected neon yellow zipper against the colors of the pillow. Who would have thought neon yellow and babe pink? Or with purple?

Pop of Neon Yellow!I always like to keep my eye out for easy DIYs. Furniture is expensive and the core pieces are not easily exchangeable. This little stool would be a great DIY. Again, I love the neon yellow against the sky blue and soft pink. It is not a color combo I would have ever considered. You could pick up a little stool from Goodwill or Ikea and have this painted in a day! I like that the legs are painted just above the foot bars, this is important for scale and for visual aesthetic. If you do this at home be sure to take into consideration the scale and size of you piece and tape off in a few places where you want to block paint, it will change the final look!

Pops of neon in the home!

I really enjoy the graphic black and white wallpaper juxtaposed with the neon yellow door! For an unexpected element paint the interior of the door frame! This is actually a great idea if you feel like you can’t commit to an entire door, you can paint the interior of any doorway or walkway. This is a great way to show a break in the movement from room to room. For example, if you have a living room and dining room that are connected with an archway you can paint just the interior arch and funky color and that will visually separate the rooms!

Be sure to check back soon for some more inspiration!



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