Bridal Inspiration: Floral Crowns

There are endless options for bridal headdresses and my favorite is the floral crown! It is a fun and fresh break from the traditional veil.

Floral Crown:  Meadow or Woodland?

meadow // woodland

I love the simplicity of the single floral for a fresh-from-the-meadow look. I would keep the make-up neutral and bring focus to the eyes with some false lashes to make them pop! On the other hand I love the dewy woodland look! It is almost like a bird’s nest with the vines and pops of fabric and feathers. I like the peachy cheek and soft pinks that are used in this image.

Floral Crown: Wear hair up or down?hair down // hair up

After you decide on the style of the crown you want you have to decide what you will do with your hair. I love the long and wavy locks with the style of the dress on the left. There is something about a modest long-sleeved dress.. when done right it looks soft and sexy. I think the pink under tones of image on the right is completely flattering for her skin tone. I like the clean yet effortless look that her hair has.

Floral Crown: Wear with a nude lip or a bold lip?

bold lip // nude lip

I think that last major decision would be to go with a complimentary bold lip or to keep it natural and let the colors of the flowers to take center stage. In most cases I am all for bold lips- corals, hot pinks, red… but I think with the bright crown I would stick with neutral colors and draw out colors from the skin tone and not from the arrangement.

How would you wear a floral crown? Any favorites?

I also wonder if you wore the flowers on your head if you could forgo the bouquet and carry something special instead…. a balloon, your favorite bible, and framed photo of a parent/grandparent who is deceased?

oh, the possibilities.



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One Response to Bridal Inspiration: Floral Crowns

  1. florence says:

    I absolutely adore both the meadow and woodland looks. However, since I have to choose one.. I am going for the meadow look. There are several reasons why. One reason is balance, I am short and petite and so I feel the woodland look will be too ‘heavy’ of a look for me to carry off well. Also, my wedding gown is floral-ly and very soft and earthy, it has wildflowers on it and screams fairies or ‘meadow’ and so it is a natural fit, I like the sexy simplicity of using just one type of flower instead of a bunch of bold ones. Just my taste, I would use bold flowers to accent centerpieces or my cake instead… simple flowers let me beauty accent them.

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