Art // {de}faced

Art is such a funny subject because it is all about subjectivity. Art can mean everything and nothing at the same time and the process of coming to a conclusion about it can be frustrating and exciting. I have been very inspired by this movement of what appears to be de-facing art which in itself is art.

Woah, talk about walking in a full circle. The viewer thinks the piece has been deface, the artist actually painted the entire piece and is trying to show the gap through this representation, then it is presented to the viewer so they can walk through this process.

Oliver Jeffers

This whole in-depth analytical look into art in conjunction with pulling back and narrowing it down to the simplest terms is why I LOVE art so much… and also why I hate it sometimes {which is a really just a severe form of love}

This image is a bit fuzzy but I love the idea that the guy is showing power yet it doesn’t matter what his face looks like. It is a piece that anyone can draw from.

This piece is lovely. The monochromatic scheme with pops of pink in addition to the layers of the actual image are wonderful. I think that the best part of art is that you don’t have to be perfect at sketching, drawing, or painting… you just have to have the commitment to get through the piece and find happiness in knowing that someone will find it beautiful… and even if it is not that is okay to because beauty is subjective and can not have a solid definition.

That is all for my little art lesson today. I guess the main point is art is everything, nothing, beautiful, intellectual, and obsolete all at the same time. So my challenge to you is to doodle today… just draw for no purpose and see what you end up with.


PS – I know I promised a video this week but I have to post-pone to next week because…. I have two art pieces that I am showing at the Tacoma Art Walk/Mingle next week and they have both consumed my life. I will post images of them when I get them installed. Both are beautiful interactive pieces {puzzles} one is politically but not so politically based {yep, it’s purpose is to get you to make connections but it will not bring you to a conclusion} the other piece is a fun graphic puzzle that anyone at any age would want to play with. Stay tuned! {xo}


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