I wake up every morning and I lay in bed and I stare at the ceiling and I just wait for a few minutes. I wait for the my first thoughts to come to mind and those thoughts are usually what I pray about. This morning the first word that came to mind was ‘Vulnerability.’ It didn’t come to mind because I think that I possess it but because I wish I was more in touch with it. I view this as a strong and bold word– a state of mind and a way of living life.


3 things have happened to me recently and it has really changed my view of what I thought vulnerability was… and what I am coming to learn about it.

1.) I love Jesus and in my personal life everyone knows it but outside of that I never talk about it because it puts me in a vulnerable state. So I, like many people, wear this strong coat of armor and act as if the world can never hurt me. We block off all that is bad, we read self-help books, we consume, we repeat mantras to ourselves telling ourselves that we are/are not _________. You fill in the blank. The fact is, I don’t want to be that person that has it all cleaned up and together. We only live life once, why can’t we be frank with all of our emotions and accept that we were created with the full spectrum of feelings? I have become very aware of this lately and I had thought a lot about why I have been drawing close to some people and not to others. The answer, they are vulnerable with me and in turn, that makes me want to be vulnerable. The best part about this is that the Holy Spirit is there the entire time and when we can’t go, be, see, do anymore we always have Christ to lean on.

2.) The second event that has taken place in my life is a series of Art classes I have taken recently. I consider myself an Artist and I am always trying to learn more. Visual literacy and communication is something I thrive for. These classes were geared toward really looking in on one’s self and digging deep to reflect and figure out who we are at the core. What I found and what I think most others would agree —  we are all chipped in some way. I learned so much in that class about what struggle, vulnerability, and what a quick clean up looks like. In my quest as an artist to dig a bit deeper I discovered that apart from Christ I don’t really understand how I made it this far but I could do it all over again because I have him. I also learned that just sitting in those emotions and not rushing through them was actually very healing and helpful.

3.) I have also become very aware of the media recently. I have been delighted to see and experience some things and I have been completely broken about others. My first big discovery is the faith based community in this industry. The best part is they haven’t been hiding it… but they also haven’t condemned others for not agreeing. It has been amazing to watch them put themselves out there in a very vulnerable position. But even beyond that, bloggers in general are taking a different approach then mass media and connecting with people on a very personal level and this is why their blogs are so wonderful to read. In the blog world, people are being people! I love that! The vulnerability across the board is what is breeding innovation, creativity, and change!! I want to see more and read more from everyone! This facet in this industry has yet to be gripped by the neck from greed and envy. People are just waking up everyday and being real… delivering good content and saying what is on their hearts and minds, good/bad/happy/sad… and guess what!? Great things are still happening for them!

I guess in closing I  just want to encourage everyone out there in this giant ‘inter-web-o-sphere’ (I think I made that up) to consider what mask you wake up every day to put on… and maybe skip a day or two and just be yourself. The best gift we can give people in life is our gift of experiences. Share, ask questions, and try to be a little more vulnerable.

Studies show that people who are more vulnerable actually experience more joy and less shame!

So wake up, be you, learn, and repeat.

Enjoy your weekend!




About sayyesevents

I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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