Best of Tacoma, WA!

Some of you may not know but I am a happy resident of Tacoma, WA. It is a port city about 45 minutes South of Seattle.  I moved here about a year ago from my quaint little neighborhood in West Seattle. All of my Seattle friends gave me a hard time and tried to convince me that I would hate it…. but after rooting myself in this community I don’t think that I can ever leave. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite places here and hopefully inspire some people to venture south.

1. Best Coffee – Metronome Coffee


I live here, no joke. Free wi-fi, best coffee in the NW and they make all of their syrups!  Their Carrot Cake Latte is amazing and the flavors are rotated out seasonally. The best part about this coffee shop is the sense of community. They offer free live music almost weekly and open mic is on Tuesday nights.


This is my daughter doing the crossword with me 🙂

2. Best Park – Wright Park


{lady & gent photography, local to Tacoma, WA!}

I have a 3-year-old daughter and parks are an important part of our daily lives. She loves to be outside swinging or sliding down the slides. Wright Park is a hub for activity in Tacoma and there are many festivities that take place here. It is surrounded on most corners by beautiful churches and is just a few blocks from my home. There is also a large conservatory that is open to the public, the exterior of this building is perfect for photo shoots!

3. Best Date Spot – Red Hot


 This is a tiny, and I mean tiny, hotdog and beer hole-in-the-wall that gets packed. Honestly, I don’t know of any guy that wouldn’t dig having a date here. My favorite dog is the Murry Morgan Bridge Brat and at $4 it’s a the highest quality cheap date in Tacoma! Beer and Cider always rotate and they have 100’s, so it’s always a fun adventure to read the current menu.

4. Best Antiquing – Antique Row


It is a street that is packed with some of the best thrifting and vintage stores I have ever found! Across the street from the antique stores is a garage that is dedicated to Street Art and graffiti is encouraged. It is a huge community out here and really gives a platform to the community to share their ideas about what is happening in our community.


This is a chair that I have had on my wish list for months… One day I will own it.

5. Best free activity –  The Tacoma Art Mingle


The Tacoma Art Mingle is the third Thursday of every month and the Museum Triangle is open to the public for free along with a list of art galleries that offer wine and small bites! Above is the Tacoma Glass Museum and the cone is the Hot Shop where I am currently learning to blow glass. It is so much fun!!


I am actually showing an art piece this Thursday and I am kinda nervous. It has morphed into a completely different piece and is now an interactive puzzle. It does not look like  the image above but is now in larger clusters of pieces. I hope people actually interact with it! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I also think that every place I listed has great potential for engagement photo shoots. The Tacoma Glass Museum is one of my favorite venues for weddings in Tacoma and Wright Park is my favorite engagement shoot location. There is so much culture and new and exciting things that are happening in Tacoma. It really is a hidden gem 🙂



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I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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