Southwest Summer

Woah! I have been gone for over a month! First, let me say that it was waaaay to long! I had some weddings over the past weeks mixed with client and vendor meetings. Second, I purchased a new Macbook and it has taken me 4+ weeks to get all of the necessary software to keep up with this bloggin’ business. Let’s just say blogging doesn’t come cheap or easy but hopefully with all of the upgrading I did it will be clean and pretty, lol!

Excuses. Excuses…. and a few more excuses. You forgive me, right?

A touch of the Southwest to kick off the Summer!

A touch of the Southwest to kick off the Summer!

Photo Credit: Cacti // Prickly Pear Margarita // Asada Tacos // Art Deco Tile

Anyway, the last few weeks I feel like we have officially moved out of spring and into SUMMER!! Pinterest has been all-a-buzz with images fresh from the blogs laying out the latest summer trends. I have been very inspired by some of the 2013 summer picks and I wanted to put together a little mood board to send out some creative vibes. Last year it was all about the rustic barns, warm summer evenings, and BBQ. This year, it is all about the southwest, baby! We are talkin’ fresh colors, flavors, and lines!

I am in love with the Southwest meets Art Deco tile on the fountain! I could totally see this in a backyard– early evening, water running, everyone gathered around sipping prickly pear margaritas, and eating their asada tacos!!

How would you spend your summer evening?



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I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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