Real Wedding // North Bend, WA


Hello All,

I had the pleasure of working on the most dreamy wedding this past weekend. Halia and Wes hired me to do their day of coordination for their farm style wedding. The location was on a family farm at the base of Mount Si and it was absolutely perfect. Being that this is Washington, it only makes sense that we would be toying with rain in the beginning of August, right?! Luckily, I think that the hazy weather actually made for a gorgeous back-drop to this meadow/farm wedding. The base of the mountain peeked out just under the foggy white clouds and it created a beautiful contrast of green and white.


The bridesmaids all rode to the wedding in a carriage that was pulled by this beauty.       {I was able to feed her a carrot and I am pretty sure I had the excitement of a 5 year old}


We used wine barrels, reclaimed wood, old windows, and apple crates to create a rustic feel.



The decor of this wedding was completely designed by Halia, who I think after this can call herself a master crafter and set prop extraordinaire. Every detail was planned down to the champagne in the bath tub to the containers for the candy bar.

Every time I am blessed to help a couple with their wedding it reminds me how much I love serving people and how lucky I am to be the background hands that takes of the details and make the biggest day of their lives come together. It really is the best ‘job’ I have ever had. I can not wait to see how the images from her photographer come out, I think the lighting for the day was perfect and the scene is sure to bring some magic.

Here is a fun little trick that looked really chic — IMG_20130803_210219_20130804103550004

We decided to serve food in a barn that was located on the property. With a lot of brawn and elbow grease the groom’s family was able to clear out the barn, paint the interior white, and they purchased construction grade rolls of jute {the kind that is laid on hillsides where grass seeds are planted in the holes} and hung it over the areas that they wanted sectioned off. They made it long enough to pillow at the bottom and the overall effect was clean and soft.

I have another wedding in a few weeks that is located at the Hollywood School House, be sure to check back soon to see what we are doing with that one!



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