Chair sashes {my nemesis}

I posted a little Wedding Planner Confession on my Facebook page the other day about those little sashes that go on the back of chairs and I wanted to elaborate more on my thoughts.

I don’t hate all of them… and there are some fun ways to switch it up. However, I {really} dislike most of the inventory that rental companies offer, they usually have the lowest grade ‘chiffon’ aka nylon from China options. Sometimes the cheap-o sashes are embellished with plastic beads which, by the way, does not add to their appeal.


I know that many couples rent the chair covers and sashes to cover up the conference chairs that probably come with the venue. I get that… but you are still paying $4.50 per chair cover and $1-2 per sash. That is about $5.50-6.50 per chair and for that price you can easily rent a chair that doesn’t need a cover. The photo above uses the white folding chairs here are a few inexpensive options for chair decor:


style me pretty // the last 3 are unknown

I guess main the point I am trying to make is that on the scale of importance, decent looking chairs make more of a statement and are more cost effective then trying to cover up an ugly chair. If your budget permits… and {only} after you have a good foundation with a pretty chair, then add a sash. I would avoid the mistake of thinking that a chair cover and a cheap sash will make the poor quality chair look better. A structural Chiavari chair and even a simple and clean white folding chair will look move elegant than a covered chair, any day of the week. Trust me.

Here are a few fun ways to jazz up chairs with higher quality sashes:


{top} unknown // {bottom} Middle Aisle // Elizabeth Anne Designs

Thank you for letting me share my Wedding Planner opinions! There are always exceptions to the {aka my} rules. I just see so many couples on a budget blowing important money on things like low quality sashes & chair covers and not getting any bang for their buck.

Lesson for the day: invest the ugly conference chair face-life $$ into a good quality chair, even if it means letting it be naked. {If} budget permits then jazz it up, but bare bones is just as nice.


P.S. Do you agree/disagree? Also, if you have any wedding questions, leave a comment below and I will try to make a post about it!!


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