Trend: Stacked Wedding Ring{s}

Stacked rings have been trendy over the last year and I am curious if this trend is going to be just as strong in the wedding industry. I have seen quite a few images of women stacking their wedding ring with other rings of different styles. Sometimes they wear their engagement ring, promise ring, and a family heirloom. I know this has been done for years and years but I love the combination of different golds, shapes, and styles all stacked on top on one another.

stacked wedding ring inspiration | Say Yes Events

The ring combo on the top left can be purchased here and the ring combo on the bottom right corner can be purchased here!

stacked wedding ringI like the gold twist under between the engagement ring and the wedding band.

stacked wedding ring

I also like the idea of skipping the big bling and doubling up on two of the same bands with a different style in the center.

Would you wear your rings like this or do you prefer to stick to the traditional look of just the wedding band or the engagement and wedding band set?

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3 Responses to Trend: Stacked Wedding Ring{s}

  1. I love the look! Even if it just ends up being a fad, I think you could take one of the bands and wear it on your right hand – or switch out the bands for a different look to coordinate with different jewelry. I would love a rose gold twist/rope band to go with my white gold engagement ring and band.

  2. livi says:

    Could someone please help me find the ring set on the bottom left? I have been looking for it…any clues like the designer would be so wonderfully helpful. 🙂

    • sayyesevents says:

      Livi, These are just inspiration images. Unfortunately, I think most of these images were user uploaded to tumblr or Pinterest. I have had great luck finding similar rings on Etsy!

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