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Has anyone else fallen for the trend of layering rugs? I have seen images over the last few months and filed it away in the back of my mind but when I logged onto One King’s Lane this morning I was reminded of it. They are having a rug sale and styled the lovely image below and I fell in love with the idea all over again!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I am a sucker for the preppy pink and navy rug placed on top of the jute rug. I think the fringe on the rug adds a layer of texture. (The navy and pink rug is sold out but you can be added to a list if they decide to add inventory!)

Here are a few examples of interiors that use this trend!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

In this image a cowhide was used to add a different shape and texture to the space. West Elm has a cow hide priced at $550! That is a great price for a piece that can be added to almost any space.

Layered Rug Inspiration on

Anyone who owns a jute rug knows that they will stand the test of time but they are not kind on the feet. I love the look and texture of jute but it isn’t something that you would associate with being cozy. That is why I love the idea of layering another rug on it to add a layer of softness.

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I also can’t help but wonder if a more durable rug placed under a delicate one will help keep the rugs integrity and increase the lifetime of both pieces. When a jute rug sits on a wood floor for a few months it can get really dusty under there. Maybe by layering a heavier textured rug will protect the move delicate one on top from excessive dust? Do any of you lovely readers know more about this? Am I onto something here?

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I am in love with the room above and you can get a similar look by combining this Kiara rug from Anthropologie with a jute rug from West Elm.

Lastly, I have really been into this black+white pattern on pattern lately. I stumbled upon these two rugs while researching and I can’t help but imagine how great the combo would look in a bedroom or office!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

The black and white stripped rug can be found here and the white polka dot rug can be found here.

What do you think about layering rugs? Are you a fan of the trend?



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