Craigslist finds: Sacramento

I love Craigslist for finding gems that people don’t realize are worth money! It’s like winning the lottery! Since I am transplanting to Sacramento and I am moving with almost nothing I thought it might be fun to see what little treasures I can come across. Here are a few finds that I think are worth taking a look at!

Craigslist Find: Sacramento

Check out this lovely little bar table/cabinet! The price is a bit steep at $225 but it is a great vintage 1960’s piece. Who is ready for a cocktail?

Craigslist Find: Sacramento

 I found this beauty priced at $500. It could probably use new upholstery but the lines and tufting are so much fun. I don’t believe I have ever seen this style of sofa in sectional form. I would put the price tag of reupholstering with tufts at over $2,500 but I could see something fresh like the sofa below…


or how about funky with the Pantone Color of the year, Radiant Orchid!? In Velvet!!


How about this Lehigh-Leopold Office Desk? It has great bones and looks to be in decent condition. I love the symmetry and the brass capped legs.

Craigslist Find: Sacramento

I found this similar desk on Etsy for $350. So, I would say the above desk is a steal!


And now for the FREE piece!!

Craigslist Find: Sacramento

 I would totally snag that chair for the low low price of free!

Where do you search for bargains in your area?



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