I’m moving East! Connecticut to be exact <3

I don’t even know where to begin, lol. I feel like I have had a few of these posts over the last year and here I am again with an updated update. 😉

Last Fall I decided to move from Seattle to Sacramento in June of 2014. I was moving for a few reasons. One, I wanted to shake up my life. I wanted a breath of fresh air, I wanted to escape the never-ending circle I felt like I was stuck in. My professional life was great, my Wedding and Event Company, Say Yes Events, was doing wonderful and picking up speed but I wanted to escape the gray and rainy Seattle scene and I was yearning for sun and warmth. It seemed like the prefect time to move, my business was still fairly young and could take the hit early on and I was in dire need of rain-free wedding days! (for me and for my Brides!) California seemed like the obvious choice. As I geared up for my move things kept surfacing that changed my course. I got engaged in April. My fiancé {now Husband} is in the Navy and was getting ready to go underway. When he returned I would be in Sacramento, and he would meet me down there with-in the month of his return. It felt like God was working his will. I was all set up for the move and my husband somehow landed the perfect job in the Navy right in the area I was wanting to move to! We decided to elope right before he left which was kept under wraps because I was planning a Lake Tahoe wedding for the following Summer. However, two days before my big move he returned early with bad news. He wasn’t going to be transferred to the Sacramento area. Wowza. It hit me hard. I was a newlywed, I had been planning this move for close to 9 months and now I had to go with my husband wherever he was going to be moved to. I had to give up my California dream. It was hard. Really hard. I cried for a few weeks. All of the preparation for the move left us couch surfing until we were told 3 weeks later that we would be moving to Connecticut in September. Holy Heavens! That is across the United States! Not to mention right back into rain, snow, and gray skies!


I am sitting in Lake Tahoe right now writing this as we have our last little vacation before the trek to Connecticut starts on September 1st. It’s a little bittersweet. We would have had our wedding the last week of September and looking out at the beautiful “Tahoe Blue” Lake (anyone who knows Tahoe knows the color I am talking about, you can’t even describe it. It is a color of it’s own) I almost can’t believe the I will be moving from the West Coast to the East Coast. Who would have ever thought this was in the cards?? I have had to make a little daily routine for myself to keep myself reminded of God’s grace and to keep my spirits high. I do my morning walk, I think about the exciting adventure God has sent me on, and I reflect on my lack of ability to plan this out- which is hard because, HELLO!, I am a wedding and event planner. This is what I do for a living.


“Tahoe Blue” I thought I would add a visual 😉

I have never felt so helpless in terms of being able to have control over my life then I feel now. I know God is working on my heart and he is loosening my tight grip. I am finding comfort in being able to enjoy what he throws at me. This is not close to anything I would have ever planned for myself, yet, in my daydreams I always wanted to live on the East Coast… I just wouldn’t have the ability to uproot that far from my family or pony up the money to make such a change… and now we are getting paid to do it and everything is taken care of. I guess it is a blessing in disguise.

So, in defense on my absence. It’s been an emotional crazy year but I am back and Say Yes Events will be in full swing this Fall in Connecticut. I can’t wait to meet new vendors and make new contacts and have years and years full of blushing brides, stylish events, and a few happy tears!



About sayyesevents

I am a lover of all things pretty, a strong drink, a long talk, a stack of magazines, a hard crossword, an early morning walk, a big challenge, and a cozy snuggling with my daughter.
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