Reminiscing // My Favorite Weddings

I have been doing a lot of updating and networking over the last week in preparation for moving Say Yes Events to Connecticut and I was going through images of weddings I have worked on and my heart still skips a beat thinking about the amazing couples and fun little touches that we added to make their day special. The coming blog posts are a shout out to some of the first Brides and Grooms that made me fall head over heels for my profession and for being a small part of their big day.

Halia + Wes

I met Halia at a Starbucks and I knew the instant she sat down that I was going to have fun at this wedding. She was a city meets country girl and wanted a farm wedding with cowboy boots, turquoise accessories, and a candy bar. The day before their wedding I showed up at their family farm to help set up and in true Washington fashion it was raining! Of course everyone had on their rain boots and parkas. We spent a few hours going over where tables would be set up and the back up plan in case it rained. The next day was the wedding and it started off a little cloudy and damp but by afternoon it had cleared up.


The set up for this event was so much fun! Huge signs pointed people in the direction of the events, there were yard games, a horse drawn carriage, and a bathtub full of wine and champagne! 


Halia and her bridesmaids were gorgeous in lace and boots! Wes and his guys all wore suspenders. 


The party lasted well into the night and after spending 10+ in heels and cleaning off the last few tables I had to bid my goodbyes as everyone partied on. I love when events are on private residences. It takes the pressure off of the Bride and Groom to push everyone out of the venue for clean-up. Weddings are such a joyous occasion and it’s so much fun to see everyone want to continue to celebrate. 

So, a year later, I am still thinking about Halia and Wes and hoping that their first year of marriage was full of excitement and love. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! 

{ Photography: Lovelight Photographie }



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