Amanda from A to Z
my favorite Apple: The Pink Lady Apple
my favorite Bed Time Book: I love to read The Jesus Story Book Bible to my daughter.
my favorite Color : Gray, because it is my last name and because you can pair it with {any color}
my Dream: To be the editor of an on-line magazine
my most memorable Experience: My entire life has been memorable, I have been blessed to have crazy opportunities just pop out of no where!! I pray daily that it will continue.
my favorite Food: I enjoy a fresh citrus salad and white fish…. okay, or a gigantic plate of nachos.
my favorite Girly routine: Nothing beats a bubble bath and a stack of glossies. If I had more time in my life it would be a nightly routine, but for now it is a bi-weekly routine!
my favorite Happy hour drink: I love peach sangria or anything with gin.
my favorite Internet website: Pinterest of course! I have a secret board that I pin all of my favorite websites… for easy access.
Just so you know: sometimes you have to fake it till ya’ make it. We all have 1st’s and I think the best way to make the most out of it is to go in strong and sure… even when you are not… and when you screw up be happy that you did it when you were giving 100% and not 10%.
my favorite Kitschy item: vintage pyrex… you can’t go wrong.
my favorite Lip stick color: I am in love with anything hot pink or orange right now!
my favorite Month of the year: November! I looooove November weddings! {not a favorite pick among most people}
a Noise I would be okay never hearing again: For the first year of my daughter’s life she would only fall asleep the the Noise of the ocean.. When I looked on itunes I had played the 16 min. loop of sea sounds 1,658 times… that is 442 hours of ocean music… or 18+ days straight. Talk about a high maintenance kid 😉
my most Overused word: I have a few things that I ‘overuse’…. UMMMMMM… is the biggest one. I am working on that. I also overuse ‘love’ , ‘ { }’ , and ‘…’
my favorite Pass time: I live in Tacoma, WA and just 3 blocks from my apartment is a street known as Antique Row… I visit these antique stores weekly. It is my favorite way to spend my Sunday afternoons!
my favorite Quote: “Your dream job doesn’t exist, You must create it!”
I Rarely… watch television. I actually don’t own one. So, when I go on vacation it feels like I am living a luxurious lifestyle when I get to fall asleep watching the food network!
my favorite Store to shop at: I am not gonna lie- I ball on a budget…. I shop at Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, and the sale racks at Anthropologie. No shame in my game!
my Truthful fault: I am awful at spelling and grammar… actually, I just spelt grammar (grammer) wrong and it auto corrected. A combo of lazy typing and my mind thinking 20 steps ahead is the culprit. I am university educated but I am also human… and I am okay with that 🙂
what is Under my bed: I have a box full of winter accessories and one of those nifty zip up shoe cases that hold all of my high heels… there is also a pile of toys and kid socks that have been stuffed under there by a 3 year old!
V {I have no idea}: I am obsessed with royal blue or kelley green velvet. Love it on a little settee.
A Word of advice: Be You. It has taken me years {and I am still working on this daily} to realize that there will always be people better then me and I can not compare myself. There will also be things that I am better at and I would never want someone else to be compared to me. We all have assets that we can bring to the table and an authentic ‘self’ is the best one!
X: marks the spot?
Y: My goal for 2013 is to try to say YES to more things. I’ll let you know how that turns out!
my favorite Zoo animal: I love flamingo’s… not an animal but I get to make changes to the question if I want to 🙂

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