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Has anyone else fallen for the trend of layering rugs? I have seen images over the last few months and filed it away in the back of my mind but when I logged onto One King’s Lane this morning I was reminded of it. They are having a rug sale and styled the lovely image below and I fell in love with the idea all over again!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I am a sucker for the preppy pink and navy rug placed on top of the jute rug. I think the fringe on the rug adds a layer of texture. (The navy and pink rug is sold out but you can be added to a list if they decide to add inventory!)

Here are a few examples of interiors that use this trend!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

In this image a cowhide was used to add a different shape and texture to the space. West Elm has a cow hide priced at $550! That is a great price for a piece that can be added to almost any space.

Layered Rug Inspiration on

Anyone who owns a jute rug knows that they will stand the test of time but they are not kind on the feet. I love the look and texture of jute but it isn’t something that you would associate with being cozy. That is why I love the idea of layering another rug on it to add a layer of softness.

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I also can’t help but wonder if a more durable rug placed under a delicate one will help keep the rugs integrity and increase the lifetime of both pieces. When a jute rug sits on a wood floor for a few months it can get really dusty under there. Maybe by layering a heavier textured rug will protect the move delicate one on top from excessive dust? Do any of you lovely readers know more about this? Am I onto something here?

Layered Rug Inspiration on

I am in love with the room above and you can get a similar look by combining this Kiara rug from Anthropologie with a jute rug from West Elm.

Lastly, I have really been into this black+white pattern on pattern lately. I stumbled upon these two rugs while researching and I can’t help but imagine how great the combo would look in a bedroom or office!

Layered Rug Inspiration on

The black and white stripped rug can be found here and the white polka dot rug can be found here.

What do you think about layering rugs? Are you a fan of the trend?


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Bullying: 5 things I have learned

I have spent the last 15 months really focused on improving my life, making heart changes, and focusing on becoming the person that I would want to call my best friend… I am getting close 🙂

Last year, I left a very toxic job at a start-up company because of work place bullying that wasn’t only happening to me but was also happening to some of my coworkers. I wouldn’t say this company was a bad company but there were many instances where the gossip was so bad across the board that I hated my life for a good 3 months straight. I finally had to quit for my own sanity and because I felt that there were some serious moral issues being pushed under the rug.

I left and went 100% full force into my business. I took it from nothing to a business that turned a profit and sustained me. I learned a few things…

1. What someone whispers about you is really just a screaming reflection of their character. Their insecurities flow from their mouth in mumbles.

2. Toxicity is toxicity and unless you remove those people from your life they will find anyway to break you down. Be the bigger person and move on.

3. Surround yourself with people who are the strength to your weakness and lift you up daily.

4. Take vacations often. Life can get so compounded sometimes that it’s hard to wake up everyday carrying the weight of your personal life on your shoulders. People pick up on that so easily and hurt you with it. Take a break and some deep breaths.

and lastly,


I came across something a few days ago that was said by one of my former coworkers that was a very recent dig at me. (the joys of having mutual friends on social media) I couldn’t believe that 15 months later this person was still trying to bully me.

To that person, I forgive you for all of the times you made rude comments in my direction, I forgive you for all of the times that I left work in tears, and I forgive you for making my life so unbearable that I felt forced to quit my job.

I hope you can find a productive focus in your life and that your heart will be healed and happy so you can also refocus your energy on improving your own life. Life’s short and words hurt. Be the example you would want your daughter to see.



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Okay, my faithful followers… I have a major question.

How does one find balance?

I struggle with this to the point that I often feel like I can’t seem to get on track with my own life. Do any of you have tips? I am sure I am not the only one dealing with this.

Between juggling being a single mom, trying to have a boyfriend that I do not completely ignore, keeping my friendships in tact, running a business, getting ready for a big move to a different state, and trying to finish up my degree I can’t seem to get things in order. I am always dropping things or people off of my list because I can not handle all of it. I have this overwhelming sense of guilt.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to find some balance in life?


I think my first step is to not worry and to focus. I am unsure of anything past that.


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… and now it’s November!!

Seriously, where does the time go!?! I have been on the move for the last month and a half and when I start getting really really busy I {always} forget to blog!! Which is a downer for me because it is one of my more favorite things to do!

A little update about what I have been up to:

The last week of September I finished up my last wedding for the 2013 season. I had a jam-packed year and I was able to work with so many beautiful couples! It has been such a blessing!

The first week of October I took a trip to Sacramento to scout out my new neighborhood because I will be transplanting early next Spring. Yes, you read that right. I am no longer going to be a Seattle Wedding Planner :”( I was offered a fun and exciting new opportunity and I will be moving to California in a few months. I will continue to blog but my blog will be less focused on weddings and more on lifestyle, cooking, and what transplanting looks like!! A major part of my trip was making sure I have access to good coffee… and I do!! Temple Coffee will now be my new hang out.


Mid-October was filled with pumpkin patches, fall festivities, and photo shoot prep! This is a photo of my younger sister and I at our favorite pumpkin patch!


Here is a photo of my beautiful daughter painting her pumpkin!


Mid-October I worked with Cassandra LaValle over at Coco+Kelley on a Gotham City Tablescape. I took care of the DIY costumes and you can read more about her tabletop design here and the actual costumes are located here. It was so much fun! I love being around her, she is such a creative and happy person!!


… and of course, the last week of October was full of costume parties and trick-or-treating!!


Since I had Gotham on the brain I decided to go as Catwoman. My best friend went decked out in 1950’s garb and it was one of my favorite costumes I have seen on her!! I excited for this crazy busy month to be over with and I am looking forward to a laid-back November!

If you are not following me on Instagram you can here!


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#NYFW | Oscar de la Renta

New York Fashion week is over and I have been following Twitter, Instagram, and the well-known bloggers to suck in all of the excitement from Seattle.

The New York Times did a creative layout to show some of the hottest designers. They broke down the looks by color story. My favorite was definitely Oscar de la Renta! I loved the color, patterns, and silhouettes.

As I was looking at his line I couldn’t help but think of the 2014 wedding season! These images are for his Spring line and are not meant to be Bridal but I think that he is on to something in terms of color and style!! I think next year we will move away from the Art Deco/Great Gatsby look and start to move towards the sherbet 1950-1960’s look.

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

{…but even Oscar wasn’t ready to say goodbye! This dress is simple take on the Gatsby style!}

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

I love the detailed embroidery on this dress and the cut is very 1960’s Mod. Embroidery is something that I think will popular next year. We saw a lot of Mexican influences this year between the cactus making a comeback and the fiesta style parties that were being thrown everywhere. I think this is going to start showing up in clothing next year and even in weddings!!

Runway fashion always has an impact on bridal fashion. We always see trends starting on the runway then showing up in bridal collection but in tones of white!

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

I see pattern on pattern making a come back- wether it’s literally 2 patterns in one fabric, lace on lace, or patterns paired together.

I also think that we will see more 2 piece dresses in 2014!

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

I am loving this 2 piece tunic and skirt. The cut is simple and sophisticated. I could see a bride rocking this at her elopement!!

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

 I love the tiered layers, scalloped edge, and simple silhouette.

Bridal Inspiration | Oscar de la Renta 2014 #NYFW

This is probably one of my favorite dresses! I can see a bold bride sporting this color on her big day but I also see this silhouette being popular in white! It is edgy and feminine.

What do you think? I would also encourage you to check out the rest of his line.  I stuck to the “It could go bridal” looks but the rest of his line is Ahh-mazing! You will see the late 1950’s early 1960’s cuts, embroidery, and pattern on pattern played out in vibrant colors!!


Images sourced from Oscar de la Renta’s website.

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Top Five | Picks of the Week

Five things that I am crushing on this week!

Five Things | Say Yes Events

1. Dylan Moto Leggings from Guess: Priced just under $80 they are a fun option to complete leather leggings {which are not very comfy} I love the detail on the knee and I think they would pair well with a chambray shirt and graphic tee.

2. I am a sucker for an Etsy print and this one does not disappoint! There is no room for excuses and sometimes we do need to ‘Suck it Up!’

3. Warby Parker has been all the craze but have you heard of Rivet & Sway?? I love their funky colorful frames and it doesn’t hurt that they are super affordable! This company has moved to the top on my list for the next pair of glasses I need to buy!! This frame is called Punchline and the color is Morning Mist! {they also send frames straight to your door to try on}

4. Blue Print Cleanse has been around for a few years now and for around $200 you can do a 3 day cleanse, which is pretty affordable if you do not own a high quality juicer. However, if you are like me and you need to cleanse on a budget {and you do own a juicer} then you can use their juices as an inspiration point for your at home detox! I have never put cashews in my juicer {I think they have a secret method for that one} but it never hurts to try!

5. Essie is the go-to for nail color and I am digging this metallic midnight-alge-green color called Stylenomics. I guess if style was money- it would be this color! I am 1/2 tempted to add an accent nail of peach or turquoise. How would you wear this color?


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Scarlett Johansson | Art Deco Engagement Ring

I know, another ring post but when I saw these images I had to share because I am head over heals for Scarlett Johansson and her new ring!

She was recently spotted on the red carpet with a new engagement ring. First, isn’t she gorgeous! I love the relaxed pulled back look and the simple black dress but I think her ring was the star of this look.

Scarlett Johansson's art deco engagement ring

Scarlett Johansson's art deco engagement ring

Art Deco is so hot this year, thanks in part to The Great Gatsby.

I have always loved anything art deco inspired and I wanted to share a few engagement rings that I have hunted down for you!

Art Deco | Great Gatsby inspired engagement ring | diamonds and sapphires

The setting on this ring is completely 1920’s Art Deco, it is complete with 16 diamonds and framed with sapphires. The price tag on this lovely piece {$12,822} is a little high but what can you expect from such a lovely and timeless piece?

Art Deco | Great Gatsby inspired engagement ring | diamonds

This ring is a 1930’s .99 carat J/ VS1 diamond ring. The detail in this ring is lovely with hand engraved wheat detailing on the band and classic millegrained edges around the diamond. This baby runs for $8,400. The telltale sign of the Art Deco style is having a geometric shape front and center then having that shape repeat as it recedes backwards.

Art Deco | Great Gatsby inspired engagement ring | emerald and diamonds

I am swooning for this 1.50 carat emerald ring priced at $5,395. This ring is also from the 1930’s and is stunning- I love that something that is over 80 years old still holds so much elegance and beauty.

Art Deco | Great Gatsby inspired engagement ring | White Sapphires

This last ring is a rose gold and white sapphire {a more affordable option to diamonds} hand made ring. So, it is not 100% vintage but the look sure is stunning! It is priced at $2,250 and I think the setting and style is worth every penny! Did I mention that you can custom order this ring in gold, white gold, and platinum, if your heart desires.

Did you watch The Great Gatsby? Has it inspired you in anyway? Do you love or hate Scarlett Johansson’s ring?

Leave a comment below and share your opinion!

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